Once Again

e3ef514002healthjpgEverything is totally dark. Reshma, hears some strange, unclear sounds. With time, the sounds grew clear and more clear. Reshma, tried to open her eyes, everything around her were blur. She couldn’t see clearly. With some more blink of eye, her sight became clear. The voice said, “Reshma, your alive. Now, you can be happy”, with these words in ears, she once again went into a deep sleep.  That evening, she woke up and sat on her bed. A nurse, walked in greeting her. Reshma replied with a smile. “How do you feel now Ma’am?”, asked the nurse. Reshma smiled and said, “Yes, sister much better”. The nurse, check the trips and went near the door, at that moment Reshma spoke,”Sister, how did I get heart ? Who donated it?”. The nurse, thought for a while and answered, “ Today morning there was a accident case. The boy died, but his heart was alive, so we transplanted it. That’s how your alive”. Reshma continued, “ Can I see the boys parents or relations?”. Nurse sadly said,” No one has come, to claim that boys dead boy. I guess he’s an orphan”. Hearing this Reshma grew sad. She took out money from her bag and gave it the nurse saying,” Use this money for that boy’s funeral”. The nurse walked calmly.

That night, the nurse walked in to handover the dead boy’s properties to Reshma. Reshma kept that brown cover in her bag. After 15days Reshma got out of her bed, as she’s getting discharged today. She stepped on the white floor, which passed chills over her. She wore her shoes and walked towards the entrance. The nurse, saw her getting down and called out, “Reshma Madam”. Reshma turned around to see the nurse. The nurse approached her and wished her good health and hesitated a bit. Reshma found out the hesitation and asked about it. The nurse spoke out,” Ma’am you have a son. He came only on the first day, to admit you here. Why didn’t he come after that? Not, even a single time to visit you”. Reshma answered,” My son would be busy. He doesn’t have time to think about his mother”, with these words she got down. A white car was waiting for her in the entrance. Reshma got into the car. The car moved along, it jumped over a speed-breaker. At that point, her bag fell on the seat and a brown pack came out. Reshma bent and took the brown packet. She tore opened the pack. There was a gold chain, ring and letter. She unfolder the letter, which read.

“ Mommy, when your reading this letter I would be dead. Sorry, mommy for not coming to visit you. I was searching everywhere for a heart. And, today is your last day to survive. I can’t see my mommy dying in front of my eyes. So, I have decided to once again live inside my mommy. This time not in your womb as baby, but in her chest as your heart. Don’t cry reading this letter mommy. Don’t miss me mommy. I’m still beating. Are you listening it. Mommy, I love you the most. Take care of me mommy, we shall always be together……

with love YOUR HEART”

Reshma burst out into tears. She has bore her son for 10months in her womb. Now, she would bore his heart till it’s last beat.

Diary Entry Of A Mother

diary copy

The room was empty, with a yellowish glow. Angry wind, broke opened the windows. The curtain flew, along with the wind. The papers, which were on the table, flew around the room. Door knock turned, a woman entered the room and rushed to close the windows. Then, she picked up all the papers, lying on the floor. It was her husband’s business documents. She sat on the chair, and re-arranged the document papers. One paper was missing. She searched, every where and found it lying under the cot. She fell on the floor and saw a brown cover. She pulled out the brown cover, along with the paper. She placed the documents, arranged properly on the table. And took the brown cover and walked towards her bed. She sat and tore the brown cover. There, was a dairy and a letter. She opened the diary.

3rd March, 1943 was the happiest day of my life. I held my son in my hands. He looked very beautiful, with closed tiny eyes. When, I lied him on my lap, he made some sweet movements and sounds. He held my finger tightly in his hand. I flew in happiness. He is my world. He filled my life with happiness. I named him ‘Ahmed’. Ahmed is my father’s name. I love my father a lot. In his memory, I named my son Ahmed and I want him to grow, gathering my father’s characters. After five years, my brother-in-law sent a letter. I opened the letter eagerly. It was not letter, it was Supreme Court Order. The order said that, I have to handover, my husband’s property to him. I, no more, have rights over them, because, years before, my husband had lent some amount from his brother. Now, his brother approached the court, asking to pay back the money with the interest. Which amounts, to 500 crores i.e., the exact rate of my husband’s property. In one day, I and my 5yr old came to street. I didn’t have power to fight back. I accepted everything, because I have my son. He would, take care of me.

I went on streets to get a job. I started my job as a dishwasher, in a shop. There, the owner allotted us a room to stay. I got admission for my son, in a local school. The food, they provided was not enough for my son. So, I would feed him, my rice as well. Everyday, I would sleep with empty stomach. All other women, would shout at me, for loving my son, this much. My only answer for them all, would be, “my son will take care of his mother, when he grows up”. Everyone would laugh at me and my foolish words. They all would say,”Are you gone crazy, mad woman, the world has changed. Once your son grows up, you would be left in streets or in old-age home. So start saving now.” But, I know my son would never let my hands off. I grew him up, with lots of love and care. He got graduated and was looking for a job. I prayed with tears to GOD, to grand my prayer. GOD, answered my prayer, Ahmed got a job.He got his first salary, he called me with a happy face and gave the salary on my hands. This brought tears, Ahmed wiped off my tears and said “Mama, don’t cry, this should be your last tears.” His words brought smile in my face. He held my hands, I know he would never let it go. Years passed, my son was 28. Now, we have a beautiful house, 5 cars and 4 companies. I decided, to get my son married. I searched for many brides. But none satisfied my desire. At last, I decided to get my son married to, my servant’s daughter, “Fathima”. I know Fathima, from her childhood. She was such a sweet girl with best characters. My son accepted my request and they both got married.

Fathima, took great care of me. She looked after me, like my own daughter. After, some months I suffered from severe stomach ache. I approached the doctor, he informed that I have Abdominal Cancer. This shook my heart. But, I’m not scared to die. Because, my daughter-in-law would take care of my son, after my last breath. I didn’t say this to my son or my daughter-in-law. I got cancer, because of pre-longed ulcer, which grew because of starvation, After a year, my granddaughter was born. I decided to name her “Sumaiya”. But my daughter-in-law ignored it and named her “Shaima”. After, that my son as well as my daughter-in-law, both began to ignore me. I felt sad, their negligence, brought tears. The one who brought happiness, took back it. As years rolled, their hatred increased more and more. One day, my son said me “Mama, it’s difficult to take care of you. Fathima, is also tired. She can no more, wash your clothes and feed. So Mama, please, stay in the old-age home. They shall, take good care of you.” As he completed, tears approached. I begged him, not to leave me. In sympathy, he left the idea. One day, my son said everyone to pack the clothes, as he’s taking us all to a tour. I felt happy and packed my clothes. When I got into the car, Fathima stared at me, I ignored it. Near, a building, the car stopped. My son asked me to get out of the car. I got out, he took my bag and walked in holding my hands. He left me in a room, and said me to stay there, for four days. I begged him, to not leave me. I kept holding his hands. But, he left my hands and walked off. I spent four days, in old-age home. Everyday, I wait near the entrance, for my son’s arrival, but he never came. I weep everyday, thinking about the women who laughed at me. I never thought, my son would change. I bore him for 10months in my womb, risking my life. I sacrificed, my food. I hided my disease, because, I can’t see my son worrying about me. But, the son who held my hands with closed eyes, now left my hands with opened eyes. “

She turned the last page of the diary, which said, “ 9th September, 2012. Son, I’m in my deathbed. I don’t know when, will be my last breath. Before, I close my eyes, I want too see your face, only for the last time. My breath is waiting for you. Please, don’t make it too long. I have attached, my will along with this diary. It’s all for you, at least to thank for that will, please come to me. I lastly pray that my son and my daughter-in-law, must never experience or reach my state at their old-age. I wish, your eyes must never get wet, by your children ….”

She closed the diary and look at the calender, displaying “20th September, 2013”. She wept, closing the diary. There was a letter, she opened it, it was the court order, mentioning that the 500 crore property is returned back to Ayesha. The property stated, now it’s owner is Mr.Ahmed the S/o Mrs. Ayesha. She took the diary and gave it her husband Ahmed. He cried out, “ Mama, forgive me ……. “



My Roofless House

Walking_Throw_The_Rain_by_RomanceXGirlI stare through the metal gate. I see people walking, running, jogging. Every feet is wrapped in shoes. I lowered my head to look at my foot. They have worn out, due to over walking and running without any foot cover. My foot hurts all day. I heard a woman’s voice,”What are you doing there, come here you girl. Go and burn the glass pieces”. I ran to continue my work. I work in a very very dark place. I couldn’t even see the face of the person next to me. In front of me would be large furnace, where I would take the glass pieces and melt them. Once, they get melted, I would bring them to circle shape, with hollow space in between. This is how, I make bangles. I work here, from morning 6am to night 8pm. I rarely, get a chance to watch the sun. Sometimes, I would be freely left with no work, due to the delay in delivery of glass. At those times, I would try to peep though the window. The bright rays would burn my eyes. I won’t be able to look at the sun at all. My eye has got used to darkness.

“Reshma, where’s your mother?” I enquired my friend. “ She’s ill, so she won’t come to work, hereafter,” came the sad reply for Reshma. Many of my friends Parents have stopped coming here, due to some illness. The illness lies to be mystery among us. Many of the children are between 7 to 15 yrs. I and Reshma are the youngest, worker here. We both help each other. At night, Reshma would leave with her father. But, I would be left alone. I don’t have anyone for me. I would run to the shop and would buy a bun and a glass of milk. That’s my daily dinner. I sleep in streets. At night, I would hear barking of dogs. This frightens me a lot. I need a safe place to sleep. So, I jump into the trash-bins. I sleep there peacefully, that’s my home. I have a home with no roof. I sleep there hugging and watching the dark sky. Stars and the moon are my parents.

Every night, I talk to them. When, words escape my heart, tears approach my eyes. I and my sky, we are one family. My days went on in same way. I work , work and work. At my age of 15, my eye became unclear. This resulted in firing me out of my job. I’m left jobless, and visionless. Now, my feet have more jobs to do. It must take me, in search of job. It has to bear all the thorns, stones, heat to feed me. At a point, I was so tired, I fell unconscious in a street. I was left in the same state, for hours. My eye lids slowly opened, and saw some boys making sound. I stood up and noticed some small boys, picking the trash. I approached them , and begged them for job. They, accepted my request and gave me garbage picking job. I did it till the age of 18. After, which I was once again fired, with no reason. But, I have saved a money of 500Rs, in 3yrs. Successfully, I got a job in a Xerox shop. With my salary, I got enough money to rent a small house to live in. When my feet took first step into the house, it felt so cold, which soon reached my heart. This coldness, is my unsaid and unexpressed happiness. Tears rolled from my eyes, and one tear sparkled and fell on the floor. My feet took next step into my house, covering my tears.

I bought new shoes with my saving. I inserted my feet into it. My feet flew high in happiness. I got up, ran, jumped and walked everywhere in happiness. “I got shoes, I got shoes”. I want to shout it to the whole world. This was, the first day I experienced happiness in my whole 18yrs of life. I have got a over me, to shelter me, yet I won’t forget my parents, who where my roof and shelter for yeras. While coming back home, I would talk to them immensely. Every night, I sit on the terrace and would enjoy my dinner, with my parents. The next night, I couldn’t see my parents, as the sky was pouring down. There, I saw something creeping towards my door steps. My vision was unable to recognize it. But, my ears understood, it was a tiny kitten, freezing in the rain. I took the kitten and wiped it with a towel. From, that moment , kitty too became one of my family member. Everyday, we play with each other and have dinner together with our parents.

As, years passed the owner of the shop, asked me to look over the Xerox shop. For some years, I looked after the shop, then I began a new print shop, with my savings. Then, I opened many branches of my print shop everywhere . Now, I’m 30yrs old, I have a luxurious bungalow, cars, etc. Still I live alone with my kitty. Kitty has grown big, and has her own family too. But, now I’m a mother of 50 children. They are all orphans, who I have housed in my bungalow. I spend 50% of my saving on my 50 children, for their education, shelter and welfare. They have become a part my family, life and happiness.

I called out “Kids, come over here. It’s dinner time”. Everyone , ran to the terrace and sat with me in terrace. We all had dinner together along with my parents ………

I looked at my parents i.e., stars and the moon with unclear vision and said with a happy smile,”now, I woe a big family………”

Love Is Blind

Love Is Blind

Saritha, an orphan girl of seven, wearing tattered clothes and no footwear’s walking along the street. Her face is dull as her hands are heavy because she is carrying a bag of clothes on one hand and a big shopper full of groceries on the other hand. Saritha struggles to walk on street, while the sun is shining hot. Her legs are getting hurt and her hands are heavy. She keeps walking, at a point in front of house the small girl stops and stares the front door. There stands a mother, who’s busy in preparing her child to send her to school. Small girl stares at the mother and the child for a while. Continues walking and once again she stops in front of another house, where a mother is feeding her son, with lots of affection and love. A teardrop rolls from the eye of Saritha. She is craving for the care, love and affection of a mother. The girl continues walking and on the way she sights, a father helping his son to wear the school bag on the way to school. Saritha, wishes to be in the place of that boy and imagines herself in that boys place. This tiny imagination makes her smile happily. Once again, she comes back to her reality and takes steps towards home.

Saritha pushes the large gate, and looks at the pink colored large building. She walks towards the front door and calls out “ Ma …”. A rough female voice says,” Idiot, how long would you take to bring this clothes and groceries …. I’m so kind so you take advantage of it, if you repeat this again, your will be starved to death, understood you fool. Leave the bags in the steps.” Saritha’s face becomes frightened, she places the bags on the steps and tries to enter the house. Suddenly, a steel tumbler is thrown at her leg. Saritha, cries out of pain. The rough female voice says, “Idiot, how dare you enter the house? Walk to the backside and wash the utensils properly, or else you will get your hands burned..”.

Saritha cries and walks to the backyard and cleans the vessels. She hears the daughter of her mistress saying,” Mom, these dresses don’t match me, I don’t like it..” Saritha, sadly looks at her tattered clothes.
After a month, the phone rings and the mistress attend the phone. She says her daughter to look after the home and gets out of the house. Mistress reaches the GH (government hospital) and enquires about the ward in reception. Mistress meets the doctor, who says that, “The girl is severely hit, and her skull is broken. Her life is at risk. You have to pay 50,000Rs in reception before morning to say the child’s life”. The mistress rushes out of the hospital, without any sigh.

The next morning the mistress waters her garden. At that moment a man jogs crossing the house. He comes back again, and calls the mistress and asks “Ma’am do you remember me?” the mistress replies, “Yes Doctor, your my life saver”. The doctor smiles, “Where’s that child, who works in your house”. The mistress says, “Oh, that girl… she has gone to market”. The doctor smiles and says, “Did you thank that child?”. The mistress asks, ”For what?”. The doctor says, “She is your life saver. Before 3months when you were in hospital, you needed B+ve blood to survive. None of your family members were ready help you. But that child, begged everyone in the hospital to donate blood. At last, a rich man felt sympathy over that child’s weep and gave blood to save your life.”

Hearing the words of the doctor, tears rushed from the eye of the mistress. She ran towards the hospital. The girl in the hospital, was suffering to breath and the heart monitor was beeping “beep .. beep … beep “. When the mistress entered the hospital, the girl took her last breath with tears and died. The heart monitor sounded “beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep”. The story ends with that long beeeeep.

This story says that, even if the mistress was rude and didn’t care the child, yet the child saw the mistress who feeds and shelters her as a “MOTHER”…… Children’s heart and mind are always pure and innocent; it’s the grown-ups heart and mind that’s dirtied with discrimination and other social evils.


Journey through my mind …..