Love Is Blind

Love Is Blind

Saritha, an orphan girl of seven, wearing tattered clothes and no footwear’s walking along the street. Her face is dull as her hands are heavy because she is carrying a bag of clothes on one hand and a big shopper full of groceries on the other hand. Saritha struggles to walk on street, while the sun is shining hot. Her legs are getting hurt and her hands are heavy. She keeps walking, at a point in front of house the small girl stops and stares the front door. There stands a mother, who’s busy in preparing her child to send her to school. Small girl stares at the mother and the child for a while. Continues walking and once again she stops in front of another house, where a mother is feeding her son, with lots of affection and love. A teardrop rolls from the eye of Saritha. She is craving for the care, love and affection of a mother. The girl continues walking and on the way she sights, a father helping his son to wear the school bag on the way to school. Saritha, wishes to be in the place of that boy and imagines herself in that boys place. This tiny imagination makes her smile happily. Once again, she comes back to her reality and takes steps towards home.

Saritha pushes the large gate, and looks at the pink colored large building. She walks towards the front door and calls out “ Ma …”. A rough female voice says,” Idiot, how long would you take to bring this clothes and groceries …. I’m so kind so you take advantage of it, if you repeat this again, your will be starved to death, understood you fool. Leave the bags in the steps.” Saritha’s face becomes frightened, she places the bags on the steps and tries to enter the house. Suddenly, a steel tumbler is thrown at her leg. Saritha, cries out of pain. The rough female voice says, “Idiot, how dare you enter the house? Walk to the backside and wash the utensils properly, or else you will get your hands burned..”.

Saritha cries and walks to the backyard and cleans the vessels. She hears the daughter of her mistress saying,” Mom, these dresses don’t match me, I don’t like it..” Saritha, sadly looks at her tattered clothes.
After a month, the phone rings and the mistress attend the phone. She says her daughter to look after the home and gets out of the house. Mistress reaches the GH (government hospital) and enquires about the ward in reception. Mistress meets the doctor, who says that, “The girl is severely hit, and her skull is broken. Her life is at risk. You have to pay 50,000Rs in reception before morning to say the child’s life”. The mistress rushes out of the hospital, without any sigh.

The next morning the mistress waters her garden. At that moment a man jogs crossing the house. He comes back again, and calls the mistress and asks “Ma’am do you remember me?” the mistress replies, “Yes Doctor, your my life saver”. The doctor smiles, “Where’s that child, who works in your house”. The mistress says, “Oh, that girl… she has gone to market”. The doctor smiles and says, “Did you thank that child?”. The mistress asks, ”For what?”. The doctor says, “She is your life saver. Before 3months when you were in hospital, you needed B+ve blood to survive. None of your family members were ready help you. But that child, begged everyone in the hospital to donate blood. At last, a rich man felt sympathy over that child’s weep and gave blood to save your life.”

Hearing the words of the doctor, tears rushed from the eye of the mistress. She ran towards the hospital. The girl in the hospital, was suffering to breath and the heart monitor was beeping “beep .. beep … beep “. When the mistress entered the hospital, the girl took her last breath with tears and died. The heart monitor sounded “beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep”. The story ends with that long beeeeep.

This story says that, even if the mistress was rude and didn’t care the child, yet the child saw the mistress who feeds and shelters her as a “MOTHER”…… Children’s heart and mind are always pure and innocent; it’s the grown-ups heart and mind that’s dirtied with discrimination and other social evils.



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  1. This is a great short story! You should enter it at the Rewarding Reads Short Story Competition and have a chance at winning $200!

    1. Alfazeena says:

      Thank You!
      I will try to enter ….

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