Once Again

e3ef514002healthjpgEverything is totally dark. Reshma, hears some strange, unclear sounds. With time, the sounds grew clear and more clear. Reshma, tried to open her eyes, everything around her were blur. She couldn’t see clearly. With some more blink of eye, her sight became clear. The voice said, “Reshma, your alive. Now, you can be happy”, with these words in ears, she once again went into a deep sleep.  That evening, she woke up and sat on her bed. A nurse, walked in greeting her. Reshma replied with a smile. “How do you feel now Ma’am?”, asked the nurse. Reshma smiled and said, “Yes, sister much better”. The nurse, check the trips and went near the door, at that moment Reshma spoke,”Sister, how did I get heart ? Who donated it?”. The nurse, thought for a while and answered, “ Today morning there was a accident case. The boy died, but his heart was alive, so we transplanted it. That’s how your alive”. Reshma continued, “ Can I see the boys parents or relations?”. Nurse sadly said,” No one has come, to claim that boys dead boy. I guess he’s an orphan”. Hearing this Reshma grew sad. She took out money from her bag and gave it the nurse saying,” Use this money for that boy’s funeral”. The nurse walked calmly.

That night, the nurse walked in to handover the dead boy’s properties to Reshma. Reshma kept that brown cover in her bag. After 15days Reshma got out of her bed, as she’s getting discharged today. She stepped on the white floor, which passed chills over her. She wore her shoes and walked towards the entrance. The nurse, saw her getting down and called out, “Reshma Madam”. Reshma turned around to see the nurse. The nurse approached her and wished her good health and hesitated a bit. Reshma found out the hesitation and asked about it. The nurse spoke out,” Ma’am you have a son. He came only on the first day, to admit you here. Why didn’t he come after that? Not, even a single time to visit you”. Reshma answered,” My son would be busy. He doesn’t have time to think about his mother”, with these words she got down. A white car was waiting for her in the entrance. Reshma got into the car. The car moved along, it jumped over a speed-breaker. At that point, her bag fell on the seat and a brown pack came out. Reshma bent and took the brown packet. She tore opened the pack. There was a gold chain, ring and letter. She unfolder the letter, which read.

“ Mommy, when your reading this letter I would be dead. Sorry, mommy for not coming to visit you. I was searching everywhere for a heart. And, today is your last day to survive. I can’t see my mommy dying in front of my eyes. So, I have decided to once again live inside my mommy. This time not in your womb as baby, but in her chest as your heart. Don’t cry reading this letter mommy. Don’t miss me mommy. I’m still beating. Are you listening it. Mommy, I love you the most. Take care of me mommy, we shall always be together……

with love YOUR HEART”

Reshma burst out into tears. She has bore her son for 10months in her womb. Now, she would bore his heart till it’s last beat.


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