Be A Rebel: be a voice not an echo

1ef9ae65214e76b5b160724705e08b4aOur life needs us to rebel at times. If we don’t do it at the right time, then we should go the way our life is dragging us. With no idea, where we are heading towards. That’s how most of this world’s population are living ‘so called life’.

At the same time, there are quite a few number, can be called as ‘rare ones’. Yes, these rare ones are the people who really live their life. Because they have rebelled over their life and so they have won their life. Life has become a gift to them but whereas, for many of us it’s a curse. It’s not bad to be always good to others and say ok to everything in life. But, don’t you feel your doing a sort of injustice to your own soul. You try to be good to others and are being worst to your own soul. Are we living our life for us or others?

Yup, we are living for us and us alone. Then why should we do this sort of injustice to our own soul. Let’s clear it up.

When it’s needed, we have to voice against our life and rebel against certain choices brought by our loved ones in our life.

Being a rebel may not have taken you to great heights but you will make your life feel meaningful and worth living. Keep rebelling, be rebellious. It’s your life. You matter the most….. in your life.

Be a REBEL, rather than being a SLAVE….


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  1. arwinfoxter says:

    The fact is many of us live for others. But as you said we have to live for own self. Live is just for us. You are right. Kudos for your idea….

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