Series 1: Unfound Reminiscence (Episode : 1)

Old Pictures and JournalShe slammed the door rushing out of the house shouting, “I know.. I will be there on time”. With a confused state of mind, she opened the door of her black Volvo and jumped into the white seats, shutting the door. She kept her hands on the silver steering, holding them tight as if she had no one else to hold on to. She left out a deep breath and started the engine. The blue lights from the speedometer lit her up. She raised her head and stared straight into her dark brown eyes in the rear-view mirror. Slowly, tears filled her eyes and forced them to shut. Everything was dark again.

The green grass below her tiny foot caressing her every trembling step forward, on her pink fluffy gown, she manages to reach her large white house. She slides her head one side peeping through the large white door. Her house is filled with people in dark dresses, everywhere she hears murmuring sounds, strange people  walking all around. She leans her tiny pink hands on her knees and climbs the brown wooden footsteps. And stands still at the white doorsteps, her eyes searching for her mom. She slowly enters the crowded area, all she can see is, people’s tall legs passing here and there. She ran holding her pink gown towards her mom’s bedroom. Her eyes widened in happiness with a tiny giggle and smile, she ran towards her mom, who was sitting in her favorite red couch. She tried to express her confused thoughts about the crowd in her tiny voice, “Mamma.. who are theeese?”. There was no reply from her mom, who used to respond to her every single word. She leaned on her mom’s lap and stood still. Suddenly, someone in black dress entered the bedroom and dragged her away from her mom. She fell onto the red carpet with a cry, “Mamma”. The lady shouted, “your mom is upset, leave her alone”. She again tried to get up and reach her mom, but the lady took her mom away, slamming the white door. She screamed in her unheard tiny voice, “Mamaaaaaaaa…. Mamaaaaaa” hitting as hard as she can at the slammed door. She jumped as high as possible but she failed to reach the golden door knobs. The door to her life was shut before it even began.

She sat on her little wooden chair looking through the large glass pane. She saw her mom with that strange lady, this time she didn’t call for her mom. She remained silent and watched. A big black box was being carried by her relatives towards her favorite garden. She couldn’t see more, suddenly there was the sound of door knob turning. She turned behind and saw her old nanny, calling her name. She did not respond. Her old nanny touched her hair and lifted her. She remained silent, leaning on her arms. The old nanny laid her on her bed and began to clean the room and arrange the things. Her tiny lips parted, “Nanna… where is dada?”. Old nanny looked at her and replied, “God loves your daddy. So, he had taken your daddy with him”. “When will dada be back?”. Her nanny stared at her large brown eyes and turned back to her chores. The door was shut back.

She taught of her dad, with whom she was playing a day before this same time. She was sitting on her tricycle and her dad was pushing and guiding her. She cycled a bit and her cycle went towards the slope of her garden. She glided down the slope in a fast pace shouting, “Dada.. dada”. She saw her dad running towards her. The cycle entered the main road. She saw a large vehicle’s light approaching her, but the cycle glided past the road and stopped at the other end. She turned back, searching for her dad but he was nowhere. Instead, there was a small crowd formed on the other side of the road next to her garden. She stood on the other side of the road, waiting for her dad to get her home. But, there came her uncle, who took her in his arms. She turned her head back, again and again, searching for her dad. He was nowhere. She slowly closed her eyes,. Everything was dark again, the voices of the crowd faded and an ambulance siren sound was getting louder and louder.

She saw some flickering lights around her car, she felt a sting of pain all around her body. Before everything went dark, she heard a voice fading, “What’s your name miss?…”. She muttered, “my name is …..”.


7 Comments Add yours

  1. arwinfoxter says:

    Nice. Waiting to hear what happen next to the poor little child

    1. Will come up soon 😛 Frankenstein…

      1. arwinfoxter says:

        Next time be simple and precise to your point. Your style of writing good but due to high standard its difficult to understand.

      2. Sure, will take your words into account …

  2. vishnu says:

    Egarly waiting next episode

  3. vishnu .k says:

    eagerly waiting next episode

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