A Marriage Proposal

She looked through the window pane, feeling the beautiful breeze and enjoying the rising sun. Her eyes sparkled, reflecting the reddish yellow glow of the sun. Her face glowed along with her heart, as they were filled in joy and happiness. She smiled through the wind that brushed her hijab covered face and whispered, “I’m gonna see my mommy and daddy, before the big day”. Holding her mobile tight in her palm she waited for the call of her mom, who used to call her every 30 mins to check on her the place she has reached in the government bus. Unfortunately, as usual she forgot to track her way, and called her mom after reaching the final destination. She loved wandering around, so she observed each and every human while waiting for her little brother to pick her up.

In few minutes she heard that weird bike sound and guessed it to be none other than her little brother in his freaky bike. She sat on the bike and they both giggled discussing each and every incident she missed in home. And finally, he concluded his talk revealing something that snatched her laughter and smile off her face and heart. The bike entered the house, she got down and there stood her loving mom and dad waiting for her in the footsteps. She ran to them and began to blabber all her whereabouts but deep inside she was hurt.

The time she feared approached, her mom said her to decorate herself but never revealed the reason behind it. Watching the happiness glowing on her mom’s face she prepared herself for the day. In few minutes there approached a strange family, who surveyed her on all angles, she stood there voiceless and heartless like a well dressed and jeweled mannequin. In few minutes the drama was over, yet there was no one to explain her about the unsaid drama and the role she was forced to play in. Waiting in silence, her dad approached with the photo of a guy asking for her approval. She denied in silence with a simple nod, with no answer. Her dad tried to convince her but she maintained her silence. In few minutes, she got a call from her friend, but he dad took as a doubt and questioned her on love affairs. This hit her too hard and she was forced into agreeing to her dad’s deal of approving the next guy he chooses.

She took a deep breath and felt some air, as she thought there is some time for that. But the very next day her dad approached her with 10 new guys, she looked at them in silence and felt the pain of her dreams falling off from brick to brick. She moved away taking a paper and pen, wishing to write her heart begging for two more years. But, she failed even this time to express herself, she understood the way the society is structured and girl’s like her doesn’t deserve to have any dreams. She moved on…

Marriage is the beginning of new life, but why is this society double stranded. Girls are forced into marriage when all they wish is ‘education’ and ‘career’ nothing more. But, the moment a girl child takes birth, her parents are concerned of saving money for her marriage. Even though some concentrate on their daughter’s education which lasts only for few years, and then they are pushed into a strangers house and are said to live ‘happily every after’. Most of the time, girls destroy their dreams to make their parents happy and burden-free. Some of them rebel and achieve their dreams but they are gifted with the words “arrogant girl” and are forced to depart from their families.

This is not the story of one single girl. But, the silent story of every single girl who stabs her dreams for the happiness of her parents…




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