Series 1: Unfound Reminiscence (Episode : 2)

She saw some flickering lights around her car, she felt a sting of pain all around her body. Before everything went dark, she heard a voice fading, “What’s your name miss?…”. She muttered, “my name is …..”. Things kept fadding, slowly her consciousness was completly drown deep inside her thoughts.​

Ana.. Ana.. called a familiar voice. She woke up from her tiny cot and looked all around. But, it was dark everywhere. Her, tiny hands couldn’t reach the lights to switch them on. She kept tracing her fingers on the wall, suddenly a large hand touched her tiny fingers. She grasped in shock, there came the familiar voice,”Ana, don’t get scared it’s me, your new aunt Cara”. In a confused thought she spoke back, “Who Aunt Cara?”. The woman laughed caressing Ana’s hair with a reply, “Don’t you remember, the lady who pushed you down”. Ana sat on bed without a blink. Cara continued, “So, little devil from today onwards you’re my property, got it”. She remained silent. Cara raised her voice crushing Ana’s tiny hands, “Say, yes miss”. With tears rolling down, she whispered in pain, “Yes, miss”. With loud laughter, she left the dark room. The tiny kid sat still silenced by the darkness.

Bright light shinned directly on her face. She rolled her eyes and opened them slightly. All she could see was white screens all around the room. She tried to raise her hands and speak, but there was a strong pain paralysing her. Suddenly, there came an unfamiliar voice. Her vision was blur, a lady dressed in white came closer and called out, “Miss… Miss… Can you hear me”. She nodded her head a bit. The woman continued, “Miss, you have been in this hospital for past two years”. “Two… Years ?”, she whisperd in confused state of mind. “Yes, miss. You met an accident and were in coma stage”. She stared at the woman and recognized it to be a nurse. “Water, I need water”, she said. The nurse removed her oxygen mask and wetted her lips saying, “Sorry miss, you cannot have water now”. She turned aside and saw a man entering the room. “Doctor, the patient has gained back her consciousness”, spoke the nurse. The man walked around and checked on her, he took her hands to feel the pulse. She stared right into the blue eyes, she felt a strong feeling of familarity. Before, the words escaped her dry dark lips, the man left the room.

The nurse assisted her to sit on her back leaning over the pillow. She remained silent as her mind swayed over hundreds of thoughts mixed with questions. In a few moment, a strange old woman entered the room and the nurse left them alone. She smiled at her, through the wrinkled skin and spoke, “Hello, dear. How do you feel?”. She cleared her throat and replied, “Fine, do I know you?”. “Yes, you do. I’m your aunt Cara”, replied the strange old lady placing her wrinkled hands on her hand. She felt something strange. “Ana, don’t you remember anything? You drove your car over a truck, a year before”, spoke the old lady with a smile. 

She sat there silently in confusion. The nurse came back with her personal belongings and handed it to her. She slowly unwrapped the plastic pack and took out a neck chain with a tiny silver pendant having the name ‘zera’ engraved. Holding it tight on her hands, she looked at the old lady and said, “I’m not Ana, I’m Zera. And I don’t drive”…


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  1. rafi says:

    mind blowing creativeness

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